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MY INSPECTION METHOD is The Key to Your Confidence.

Buildings are complex and imperfect.  Inspectors are asked to uncover any serious imperfections, in a short period of time, under restricted conditions.  It is a highly disclaimed business, with the liability typically limited to the inspection fee. What, then, is your assurance of a satisfactory inspection?

A good home inspection is the result of the care, focus, and quality of time spent inspecting.

Market pressures tempt inspectors to schedule a high volume of inspections and produce quick reports. But this approach carries risk of missing critical items. To help reduce risk, and give you the best possible assurance, I use these methods:

Inspecting furnace

MY COMMITMENT is to represent your best interests and provide the information you need to make a wise decision.  I know you are looking to me for a carefully considered and honest evaluation.  I take that responsibility seriously.

I do accept Realtor referrals and work successfully with several reputable Realtors, but I do not actively solicit business from the real estate community.  Most of my work comes from customer referrals.  This independence allows me to serve you best.


YOUR NEXT STEP is to call or email for a price quote. Once in agreement we can schedule an inspection.

Steve Burns

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